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Clay Wieland is a highly experienced photographic artist and a beloved member of the Fort Lauderdale community. With over three decades of experience in event photography, Clay has become a go-to photographer for nonprofits, corporations, local businesses, families, and individuals celebrating milestones. His full-service studio, located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, specializes in branding, product, portrait, and lifestyle photography. Clay’s commitment to his clients’ needs, combined with his artistic vision and technical expertise, make him a trusted professional photographer. Whether capturing cherished memories or helping clients build their brands, Clay Wieland brings his passion for photography and his love for his community to every project he undertakes.


Infrared Photography Artist

Clay’s passion for infrared photography is rooted in his desire to capture the world in a unique and beautiful way. Through the use of specialized camera equipment and filters, Clay is able to create surreal and ethereal images that reveal a world that is both familiar and mysterious. He seeks to capture the interplay of light and shadow, resulting in images that are both grounded in reality and dreamlike. Clay’s goal as an artist is to share his unique vision of the world with others, encouraging viewers to contemplate the beauty and mystery of the world around us. Through his infrared photography, he hopes to inspire a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world in a new light.

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Clay Wieland Infrared Photography Art


 Event Photographer

Clay Wieland is a dedicated event photographer who believes that photography is about telling a story. Through his images, he aims to capture the energy and atmosphere of each occasion, and transport viewers back to the event. Clay has a deep respect for his subjects and a commitment to creating images that are both beautiful and meaningful. He seeks to capture candid moments, subtle details, and connections between people that define each event. Ultimately, Clay sees event photography as a celebration of life and the human experience, and he feels honored to document these moments and share them with others through his art.


Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer

(is defined as an un-posed and un-directed visual narrative of your wedding day)

Clay Wieland’s photojournalistic style of wedding photography captures the raw emotions and intimate moments that define each couple’s special day. With a keen eye for detail and a talent for storytelling, he approaches each wedding as a unique event, taking a photojournalistic approach to capture the spontaneous moments that make each wedding unique. Clay’s goal is to create a narrative of the day that reflects the personalities and values of the couple, with images that tell the story of their love and commitment. His unobtrusive approach allows him to capture candid moments and fleeting glances, resulting in images that are natural, timeless, and filled with emotion.


Corporate Headshot Photographer

Clay Wieland’s branding and headshot photography services are dedicated to creating images that represent the unique personalities and brands of each of his clients. He approaches each photoshoot as an opportunity to collaborate with his clients and capture the essence of who they are and what they stand for. With a focus on creating authentic and engaging images, Clay works closely with his clients to understand their goals and needs, and to create images that convey their individuality and professionalism. His attention to detail and commitment to excellence result in images that are polished, timeless, and effective in representing his clients’ brands and personal brands.

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